The decarbonisation of industry and commerce requires new solutions. Current methods and processes need to be reconsidered and optimised, and new technologies, processes, energy sources and technologies be taken into consideration. In-depth decarbonisation may involve major changes, which, in turn, requires a long-term, forward-looking planning.

The goal of our decarbonisation consulting is to provide companies with a perspective and pathways to decarbonise their operations in a specific, step-by-step and cost-efficient manner. A bottom-up approach is chosen for this purpose. This involves the development of technical decarbonisation measures, which are combined into consistent groups of measures and further developed into complete solutions. Multiple solution pathways are developed and compared.

Our decarbonisation consulting is based on the “Decarbonisation Roadmap” (“Roadmap zur Dekarbonisierung”) of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft;, which applies a holistic approach, to consider all possibilities for decarbonisation.

A project typically consists of the following main steps:

  • Clarification of the company’s situation and goals
  • Consultation on possible energy solutions
  • Inventory of the existing energy and production facilities on site
  • Definition of the scope and the main focuses of consideration
  • Development and analysis of technically feasible and economically viable measures and solution pathways for decarbonisation
  • Quantification, assessment and comparison of decarbonisation pathways
  • Drafting of further planning and implementation steps

This consulting service is applicable to all companies. It is particularly suited for the manufacturing sectors, which often have high energy demands and additional complexities due to extensive and often highly specialised processes and facilities.

Our clients obtain a tailored planning with specific decarbonisation measures, which are aligned to each other and, in sum, can lead to the decarbonisation to “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions. This decarbonisation planning can also serve as a basis for a subsequent assessment by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

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Information about government funding

Since March 2022, the Swiss federal government supports decarbonisation consulting and plannings with a funding contribution. Further information about the funding conditions can be found via the following link (in German). We will be happy to also support you in applying for funding.